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Introducing ScanBizCards 2.0 for Android!

ScanBizCards 2.0 for Android went live on Google Play on Friday, Oct 19. If you haven’t had a chance to update, please do so!

New features:

ScanBizCards 2.0 offers improved scanning accuracy!  In moving from 1.062 to 2.0, you should see a marked increase in the accuracy of the scanning results, especially on cards with complex, colored backgrounds.

CRM users will notice that the export menu has been updated with a new UI.  For CRMs with multiple types (Lead/Contact), simply touch-and-hold your CRM of choice, select the type, then press OK.  We’ll remember your choice, so in the future you can just press OK to keep exporting to the same CRM with the same type.

Apart from these improvements, a whole slew of bugs have been tracked down and fixed:

-Screen rotation error in 4.1.x

-Report a problem now fills in our email address

-Web Sync error causing card images to be skipped

-Rescan fixed

-Fixed/improved name recognition/sorting

-Temporarily removed card actions menu after you scan a card for the first time

Here are a few things you may have missed in 1.062:

-Clipboard scanning should be more stable

-Improved quality of thumbnail images

-Added the ability to specify an account when exporting a Contact into Salesforce

Thanks for reading!

As always, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot us an email.

(Android) Version 1.059

ScanBizCards for Android has been moving at a fast pace since the last blog post. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s changed since 1.050:
-SugarCRM exports
-Zoho CRM exports
-Tons of bug fixes to improve compatibility in devices that used to experience crashes during photo-taking or scanning (this includes drastically decreasing the memory usage during these processes)
-Inclusion of a long-press menu for your list of cards
-You can now add a picture of your own business card (or yourself!) to the VCard that gets sent with your Quick Intro
-Notes can now be viewed at the bottom of the list of contact details

In the future, we’ll be looking to include support for other CRM platforms. If you would like to make a request, sound off in the comments or shoot us an email!

(Android) Version 1.050

Hello ScanBizCards Users!

I’ve just uploaded the latest Android version of ScanBizCards to the various appstores from which it is available. For Google Play users, update 1.050 should be live by the end of the day (June 25). Amazon, SlideMe, etc. can take anywhere from a day to a week to approve the app.

1.050 is a large update, with numerous new features and bug fixes:

What’s New

Add Calendar events (Android 4.0+ required)

Unfortunately, the Android OS simply doesn’t play friendly with apps trying to add events to its built-in calendar. Google remedied this in Android 4.0, so this feature is exclusive to ICS users.

Haptic and visual feedback on main screen and WebSync status page

Improved Guided Camera

Due to compatibility issues, this is not the default setting. To try out the new Guided Camera, go into settings from the main screen and un-check “Use Device Camera”. The main changes are a more prominent and responsive camera button, fixing a bug with white-balance, and improved picture quality in some devices. I’d love to hear about any improvements you’d like to see to the picture-taking experience.

Custom text for quick intro emails

This is an oft-requested feature that I think will benefit plenty of users. To setup your quick intro email, go to settings from the main screen and select Owner Info.

Learns default countries based on scanning language

Previously, we operated under the assumption that the majority of our users were from Afghanistan, hence, any new address field used this as the default country. We’ve wizened up a bit, and now detect when a country is scanned in, saving it as the default for the selected language. For example, if I select French as the scanning language and scan a card with a Canadian address, the next time I scan a French card without an address, adding an address field will default to Canada.

Updated UI for tablet users with larger text, buttons, etc.

What’s Fixed

Error causing many WebSync users (especially those with large numbers of cards) from properly downloading all cards

This bug has plagued many users, sorry it has taken so long to track down! I’ve tested this across a wide spectrum of scenarios, but it’s entirely possible that I’ve overlooked something. If you are still encountering any problems, please contact me.

Selecting a new language before scanning will now be displayed properly

New card images will no longer be displayed in the Android Gallery (does not apply to existing card images)

This issue has also been brought up by multiple users. Sadly, there is no way to change whether or not existing card images can be found from within the app. If you are really bothered by this, shoot me an email and I will try to walk you through the process of hiding your existing card images from the Gallery.

Cards that you add to address books that support groups will have the first group checked by default (improves compatibility with Gmail)

Apparently, Gmail Contacts refuses to sync a contact that has not been added to a group. Feel free to un-check the default group (in most cases “My Contacts”) as long as you make sure to check off at least one other group.

Sorting by name/company will now interpret upper and lower case letters equally

WebSync Pause/Resume will now function properly

It didn’t seem like the Pause/Resume buttons actually did anything previously. Hitting pause will now actually halt any batch download/upload, after the current card is finished being processed

I hope you all enjoy the update! Please feel free to contact our support team at info@scanbizcards.com, or email me directly at patrick.mcgrail@scanbizcards.com, with any inquiries or feedback.

ScanBizCards V3.08 Update

Version 3.08 was posted Monday morning (Lite V3.08 was already posted mid last week). The highlights of this update are:

1. Deeper Salesforce.com integration

2. Treatment of clipboard text captures as full (digital) business cards

3. Jigsaw support

4. Web Sync news

5. Not so new app: Contacts2Excel

6. Android update: it’s the first time we include Android users in this monthly mailing. The Android app is subject to a different release cycle so I will just recap recent changes in the last few Android updates.

What’s New


Our Salesforce support is now more comprehensive:

– until now only Enterprise Salesforce accounts could use the Salesforce export. We have now passed the Salesforce security review which enables the use of the app for all Salesforce accounts such as Professional accounts. It also means we are on a (very) short list of mobile app exchange apps

– added batch export to Salesforce : from a view showing a list of cards such as a folder or search results, touch the actions button at the bottom left, then Export To Salesforce

– custom fields: custom fields are now imported into the app and you are prompted to enter values for custom required fields with no defaults (previously this would fail the export). You can also set defaults for any custom field or require to be prompted for certain fields.

Please watch Danny demonstrate the Salesforce features in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JfFCwnhEBg

And speaking of Salesforce, Patrick is at Dreamforce in San Francisco this week: if you are there too, say hello!

Clipboard Text (email signatures)

Just try it! Copy someone’s contact information to the clipboard, then touch the Copied Text button in the app. As we parse out the information into a new contact, a digital card image is rendered, which means this contact is now kept in the app just like a business card. More importantly: all the app’s features are now available on this “card”. [Not available on Android yet where clipboard text captures are limited to adding the address book]


ScanBizCards now includes a feature to export to Jigsaw! Jigsaw is a service that enables you to get up to date direct contact info for a great many professional contacts in the Jigsaw database (27m contacts). The way it works is that you earn points for contributing a contact which you can then use to retrieve another contact. I personally use the service and love it. Note: Jigsaw accepts contacts only in some countries and the app will tell you when you try to export a contact in a country where Jigsaw doesn’t operate. Note also that currently the app doesn’t allow getting credit for updating contacts already in the Jigsaw database, for this you would have to do it on the Jigsaw web site. To be addressed soon. Sign-up at www.jigsaw.com.

IMPORTANT: the Jigsaw feature is in private Beta, to enable please do this:

– touch Settings on the main scree n

– type this into the Configuration field:


By all means do tell us what you think about this feature! [Not available on Android yet]

Web Sync

A lot has been happening on the web side of the app, all of which is of course equally relevant to iPhone and Android users:

– web based OCR: you have the option to crop and OCR cards online. This could be cards you snapped on the phone but also cards captured with a flatbed scanner or another camera.

– option to duplicate a card

– option to attach a back side to a card online

Web Sync is now at a point where you can use it as a standalone application to scan cards without having a mobile device! In coming weeks we will provide more tutorials and add an official “Desktop” section to the web site. One feature we are still working on is the ability to process scanner captures of multiple cards more efficiently by detecting where cards are located in the image.


Not that new actually, it was released in April. This is just a little app to select a subset of your address book in a flexible way, select which property you care about, their order and how you want to call them – then export into an Excel CSV file. Useful to export contacts into other apps such as CRM apps or email marketing, to share contacts with others or simply to make periodicals backups of your address book. Try it here:

Contacts2Excel on App Store

We swear it distracted us from ScanBizCards only for a few days!

Android Update

Web Sync: added to the Android app a few weeks ago, recently fixed some issues & added status messages.

Double-sided cards support: added a few weeks ago (also available online for web sync users).

LinkedIn: long overdue! You can now send a LinkedIn invite to new contacts in one touch.

Salesforce: the current Salesforce support in the Android app is at the level of the iPhone previous version: works only for Enterprise accounts,  no custom fields support  and no batch export . Yuval Kohavi and Steven Lustig on our Android team are hard at work to add these very soon.

Tips of the Month

Tip #1: Crop on Scan
You probably already realized that cropping makes for nicer card images. But with this update cropping can really help with accuracy a lot when you are cropping away a large chunk of the image. This is because when that happens we assume text size is small and so we treat the image differently.

Tip #2: Get closer!
If the first tip applies to you often maybe it means you are not getting close enough to the text! Remember that the relevant text on the card should ideally fill the entire viewport, to get larger text.

Rate this Version

Your continued support helps us break the record of being the “idiots” who spent the longest time enhancing a single iPhone app :-). Apple saves your last review so it only takes a minute to update a previous review for the current version. You know what to do! Please tap Help on the start page of the app, then “Rate This Version”.

Spread the Word!

Remember to use the Refer A Friend button on the Help page! Your friends get a free 2-week trial of the premium features and you get 1 month of Web Sync or $1 if they decide they like the app enough to buy it.

We would also be delighted to extend the same limited time premium trial to all attendees of conferences! If you or someone you know organizes conferences, talk to us!

ScanBizCards V3.04 Update

ScanBizCards V3.04 has just been approved by Apple! Quickly this time too, in just two days. We spent 2.5 months on that update so there are plenty of improvement even if many are to the unseen hand of accuracy.

What’s New

Web-based scanning: we just added to the web the ability to crop/rotate & scan in 22 languages – which actually makes Web Sync a complete stand-alone desktop application. This means you can upload card images directly from your desktop, crop, rotate and scan them without involving your iPhone at all. In fact, the most accurate scanning is via a flatbed scanner at highest DPI, several cards at a time then upload the image multiple time and crop each time around a different card. To find the web-based scanning, click a card and look for a link to “Open the Image Editor” on the bottom left. Note that the web-based OCR is actually always ahead of the iPhone app, because updates there are in real-time – for example, this morning it was 2.5 months ahead of the iPhone app until it got updated … Coming soon: a function to print all these cards into a nice set of hard copies.

Salesforce.com: exporting directly to Salesforce.com is now possible. Contacts are created within Salesforce as a new lead so you’ll find them in the “New Leads” section of your Salesforce.com account. Right now exporting is one card at a time, at the end of scanning or by opening an existing card and touching the actions menu -> Export -> Saleforce. Coming soon: option to batch export cards to Salesforce.

Scanning Accuracy: the never-ending quest. This update has an incremental improvement in the image processing but a long list of specific fixes (for example correcting false ‘1’ to the intended ‘7’, open o’s into c, and many more). I hope you notice the improvements (let me know). We are not done (and never will be?). Coming soon: Michael Kolomenkin is almost done with a major rewrite of the image processing.

Android Update: we are almost ready to make Web Sync available for Android devices but if you own an Android device and would like to see your cards there too you can Beta test this now – email us at info@scanbizcards.com for details.

Tips of the Month

Tip #1: Disabling Orientation Detection
ScanBizCards includes a process to automatically detect text orientation. That’s great when importing photos taken outside of the app in all kinds of orientation, but if you take photos within the app and follow the on-screen guidance, you don’t really need that stage. To save the 1 or 2 seconds of orientation detection please disable it in the app’s settings. Important: if you do that, remember to always rotate the card manually before scanning if necessary – one example where that’s going to be needed is when you take a photo of a vertical business card: you’ll get largest text by snapping a photo of it oriented sideways (to fill the screen), ignoring our guidance, but then remember to rotate it back up.

Tip #2: Direct Export to Outlook
Having trouble syncing contacts into Outlook? Many users of the app are asking about this. The way our app works is by adding new contacts into the iPhone address book and from there we expect these contacts to make their way into your Outlook address book by way of whatever syncing mechanism you have in place, such as iTunes and a USB cable. The reality is that more and more iPhone users are “cutting the cord” and not syncing often or not at all. There is a simple solution: just use Web Sync then from any browser, click a card then Export as VCard, download and open. This will invoke Outlook or the Mac Address Book on your desktop and then you can just save that contact there.

New App: Contact2Excel

Since we are all obsessed with scanning contacts from business cards, we thought you might enjoy a mini-app to take some/all of your contacts for exporting to a CSV (comma-separated) file. Reasons that come to mind include simply having the security of an extra backup, sharing some contacts with a colleague or exporting contacts into a CRM application. One little extra feature: the app lets you sort your contacts by creation date – who can remember the last 5 contacts entered at a conference in a sea of thousands of exiting contacts?!

We swear it barely distracted us from ScanBizCards … more info about Contacts2Excel on iTunes

Rate this Version

Your continued support helps us break the record of being the “idiots” who spent the longest time enhancing a single iPhone app :-). Apple saves your last review so it only takes a minute to update a previous review for the current version. You know what to do! Please tap Help on the start page of the app, then “Rate This Version”.

ScanBizCards V3.03 Update

Version 3.03 is available since yesterday evening. Previous update was on February 23 so there are many improvements in this update! First and foremost: accuracy. We have updated the core OCR module and improved our image processing, resulting in a marked accuracy improvement (if you notice – tell us!). In addition we fixed several bugs – including one most users of the LinkedIn function encountered. We have also simplified the calendar Follow-Up Reminders feature to add reminders directly to the iPhone address book.

Last but not least: we are continuing to enhance our recently released Android application one update at a time to bring it up to speed with the iPhone application! Next in line is adding Web Sync into the Android app.

What’s New

Improved OCR: we have updated our core OCR to Tesseract 3.01, benefitting from many months of work by Google (and others) into Tesseract 3.01. It really improves a lot of recognition mistakes around many of the letters, we think you will notice.

Improved image processing: V3.02 delivered most of the improvements in that component but V3.03 furthers that work. Note: if you are curious, watch the black & white image during scanning, that is the result of image processing before OCR and oftentimes OCR issues originate from imperfect image processing.

Simplified Calendar Events: previously you needed to establish a subscription to be able to see ScanBizCards events in the iPhone calendar – no more. Events are now simply created directly into the iPhone calendar. If you used the calendar function before V3.03 we recommend that you delete the ScanBizCards subscription from your iPhone calendar. Note: the new method also means that ScanBizCards events will get synced with other calendars if that has been setup, for example with Outlook via iTunes sync. Please refer to www.scanbizcards.com/faq for details (2nd bullet).

LinkedIn bug: was causing all LinkedIn invites to fail after a certain point, until the app was restarted. Fixed.

Customization: previously, the text of the Quick Intro email, the text of the LinkedIn invite and your own contact info were all editable only while using the corresponding feature and we saved these edits. We now made it easier by adding specific settings for all these.

Tips of the Month

Tip #1:
Use the back side to jog your memory! You just got handed a card and there is no back side to the card? Use the double-sided feature of ScanBizCards to snap a photo of the person!

  • After scanning the front side, tap the Back button to get back to full-screen view
  • Tap the little white “Add Other Side” button overlaid on the image
  • When done snapping the photo, tap “Save Without Scanning” on top (unless the person has something written on his forehead)!

Tip #2:
Want to include a photo of yourself or your card in the Quick Intro email? Easy:

  • Get the photo into the Camera Roll. Note: if you’d like to use the photo of your card scanned within the app, get it into the Camera Roll by doing Forward Card on it, email to self, open the email, long-touch the attached picture, save
  • From the start screen, touch Settings
  • In the Personalize section of Settings, touch My Contact Info
  • Touch the Add Photo button, select the photo from the Camera Roll


A nice recent comprehensive video review of our iPhone app was posted recently by “Crazy Mike”:


Rate this Version

We calculated that for each 1 minute someone spends writing a user review or rating the app, we invest 130 minute improving the app! So you know what to do :-)! Please tap Help on the start page then “Rate This Version”.

And don’t forget about WebSync!

We continue to get feedback on the different ways in which ScanBizCards users are utilizing the Web Sync Web Application. If you haven’t yet given it a try why not try it today? The first month is free so that you can fully explore all it has to offer, and we would love to hear from everyone on the creative ways you’re using it! We’ll be giving away free Web Sync extensions for the most interesting stories we hear! Send your stories to info@scanbizcards.com.

Say hello to your cards online, they miss you!
We have a lot of users who are happy to have their cards safely backed up via WebSync but who have not yet logged in on the web to see all the amazing ways in which you can manage your cards from your desktop!  If this applies to you, we invite you to check out the full featured demo today to see what you’re missing or login to your account to see your cards at www.scanbizcards.com/websync

ScanBizCards V3.02 Update

Version 3.02 was released to the App Store World-wide tonight. It includes a long awaited overhaul of the application’s main page, a fix for a memory leak we have had forever (causing the app to  crash when scanning many cards in a row) and special handling to enable saving contacts directly into Exchange and MobileMe accounts. Last but not least: we are live on the Android Market!!!

What’s New

User Interface Overhaul: Episode I
No more Wrigley-green background with cute icons, we now have a more professional looking main application screen as well as a new Web Sync settings screen, courtesy of Jonathan Moldofsky from JGrant Design. We also took the opportunity to address one common usability issue: our app’s complexity and options make it sometimes hard to figure out what’s tyhe next step. For example, we don’t force the user to save a card to the address book – because oftentimes the user indeed doesn’t want to do that – but then it may confuse some users that at the end of scanning nothing is added to the address book unless you press “Add To Address Book”. Well, now we paint that button blue, to highlight it as a recommended next step – and do a similar coloring on other screens. We call is “Episode I” because we are not done redesigning the UI, there is more to come.

Memory Leak Solved
To most users a memory leak means simply a crash after using the app for a while. This has been a problem within the app for many month, causing for example to crash when scanning 16 cards consecutively on an iPhone 3GS. No more – we can now scan in excess of 75 cards in a same session on the iPhone 3GS and much more on the iPhone 4.

Saving Contacts Directly into Exchange and MobileMe
Users of Exchange and MobileMe often ran into trouble getting new contacts saved into the iPhone address book to sync with their external mail account. No more: we now list all foreign address books and all groups under them in the ScanBizCards group assignment function. I believe we are the only scanning app giving that level of control for groups.

Web Sync Improvements
Take a peek at your cards on http://www.scanbizcards.com/websync – we made several usability improvements: the search box is now on the cards view screen itself and so are the sort buttons. Now that search and sort were kicked out of the left bar, it enabled us to open up all menu groups – you may discover a feature you didn’t know existed! Note: If you don’t use Web Sync yet, say hello to our demo cards instead at www.scanbizcards.com/webdemo

ScanBizCards is LIVE on the Android Market!
As of last Sunday, February 21, it’s official: ScanBizCards is now running on thousands of Android phones. It wasn’t easy and it took over 5 months but our Android, C++ and Java expert Yuval Kohavi did it. If you have an Android device, give it a try, here is a link to the app on the Android Market. It still lacks many of the extended features of the iPhone version but we’ll try to close the gap soon.


A very nice comprehensive review of ScanBizCards was posted by Crazy Mike on Friday, watch it below!

Other press events:

  • A fresh review by Derek Walter posted tonight on a new app review site TheAppPlanet.com, showing the new V3.02 UI.
  • ScanBizCards has been chosen as a finalist in the APPY Awards 2011 (check the Productivity category)!
  • Appolicious on ScanBizCards Lite
  • Sandira Calviac on ScanBizCards as an essential tool at conferences

We need your support reviewing the app – or re-reviewing the current version! These shortcuts take you directly to the appropriate App Store page: