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Version 3.18 Update (iOS – iPhone + iPad)

Version 3.18 for iOS / Version 1.03 for the iPad are live on the App Store since Sunday, January 13. The major news in this update is a major upgrade of the OCR component – we’d love to hear from the experienced users among you if you were able to notice improvements in the OCR accuracy.

What’s New ?

New OCR Engine – iPhone and iPad

We have upgraded both the iOS and iPad apps with a new version of the OCR engine. Its is about 10% faster and we hope significantly more accurate. Please let us know!

iPhone 5 User Interface (iPhone Lite version only)
The Lite version of the app didn’t have the proper user interface to take advantage of the taller iPhone 5 screen – fixed now.

NEW: Oracle Fusion CRM export – iPhone and iPad
Just like Salesforce and SugarCRM, we are delighted to announce a new export ability to Oracle Fusion CRM! Please help us test it so we can iterate and fix issues – if any – quickly.

SugarCRM Enhancements – iPhone and iPad
We’ve added the ability to assign contacts and leads to campaigns as well as to accounts.

iPad: Fixed Sorting Option
The sort button in the iPad was crashing, now fixed.

iPad: Fixed Evernote Export
The Evernote export had stopped working following a change on the Evernote side – now fixed.

Custom Export
If your business involves processing information on business cards or email signatures, you can augment ScanBizCards to add a new custom export option directly to your application! Please email for details.

New: Ability to assign an account when exporting to Salesforce as a Contact
By popular demand: you may now assign Salesforce Contacts created by the app to any account defined in your Salesforce backend.

Heads up: Power Contacts 1.13

For those of you using Power Contacts (see App Store), an update with a fix to the Evernote export has been posted as well.

Announcing ScanBizCards HD for the iPad

A little over a month ago Apple approved the very first version of ScanBizCards HD, a native iPad version of the app! We started working on this app not long after Apple released the iPad 3 and took us about 5 months to complete. I’ll be honest: I was totally amazed how much more content we are able to show when utilizing the full 9.7-inch screen. And that’s really the purpose of ScanBizCards HD – showing you everything that matters on the same screen.

It goes without saying that ScanBizCards HD has all the features of the iPhone version of ScanBizCards, it’s all about esthetics, usability and improved workflow … check the screenshots of the app on its App Store Page!

IMPORTANT: ScanBizCards HD is offered at an introductory price of $9.99 but is also comes with a gift worth $9.99 – one year of free Web Sync (or one additional year if you already have Web Sync)! So if you were planning to use Web Sync anyhow, think about the app as being FREE …
If you are running ScanBizCards on another iOS device, Android or Windows Phone Web Sync will also enable you to keep them all in sync with the same cards. This means you could use your iPhone to take photos of cards and scan them but then pick up the iPad to edit scan results and manage the cards.

For those of you who never tried the Web Sync service please check this demo Web Sync account.
Note: please remember to logout from this demo account otherwise you won’t be able to login to your own Web Sync account.

iPad 1 & iPad 2 Note: please remember that prior to the iPad 3 (“New iPad”) the iPad 1 & 2 models don’t have a camera good enough for scanning business card photos. If you have these older models please use your phone for taking photos – then by all means do all the rest on the iPad.

Release Notes for ScanBizCards HD version 1.00

Batch Export to Salesforce, SugarCRM and Jigsaw All these batch exports fail to dismiss the view showing the export results. To return to normalcy, please toggle the view to mosaic view and back to list view, using the button on the top / middle of the toolbar.

Editing Cards The keyboard sometimes hides the field you are trying to edit. Please scroll the view to expose the text field above the keyboard.

Other Issues Remember this is Version 1.0! Let us know ASAP of any issues at, we plan to update the app quickly to address them.

UPDATE:  Version 1.01 has been out for a couple of weeks since we originally wrote this, and version 1.02 was just sent to Apple for approval!

Team ScanBizCards