“I joke when I say that I’m the best; a lot of truth is said in jest.” -Eminem

My name is Garth and I am the post 40 version of the liquored-up sales joker that co-founded Jigsaw, which is now owned by Salesforce.com.  I used to write the blog for Jigsaw; in fact you can check it out here: http://jigsawsworld.typepad.com/garthsworld/top-ten-reasons-to-read.html

until Salesforce legal figures it out and takes it down. (I’m betting they have bigger fish to fry with all their recent billion dollar purchases) Now I intend to continue my type of blogging for ScanBizCards (SBC), which is the most accurate business card scanning mobile app.

A bit of context: After the purchase of Jigsaw, I cruised through an “earnout” year by alternately attending trade shows, startup workshops and other celebrations of how awesome we were and hanging at the beaches near my home in Charlotte, NC. This was a ton of fun- I highly recommend this type of work if you can get it!

During this time I met Chris Halligan, who was a big shot at Dell and Web Methods before founding a company called Kieden and selling it to Salesforce (just when I thought I was special).  He also lives in Charlotte, and had an idea for a company in the social TV/ Second Screen space that sounded like fun. I decided to join him in founding OtherScreen in 2011. We had some early successes, and getting funded was pretty easy (VC’s don’t listen to you at all until you’ve had an exit- then they listen to you too much), but ultimately we couldn’t get enough traction on the user side and nobody in the industry was making any money. I have intimate knowledge as to this fact because I spent a bunch of 2012 cold calling into network executives and advertising folks that had never heard of Salesforce.com, much less Jigsaw, and were only too happy to delete my voicemails and Linked In requests.

Meanwhile, ScanBizCards CEO Manoj Ramnani was hammering away on his vision of creating a true one-stop shop for all contact information (right up my alley). He had contacted me in 2010 to see if I wanted in, but I was too busy basking in Jigsaw glory. Fortunately, Manoj is very persistent and every time we spoke, he had just blown away another milestone that he had set up during the last call. I agreed to join the Advisory Board, invested twice, and am now working full time cementing corporate relationships for ScanBizCards

Why ScanBizCards (SBC) matters for corporations: mobile business professionals, particularly salespeople, are using SBC to quickly scan business cards into Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Oracle Fusion CRM, Evernote, etc. This saves the salespeople a huge data entry headache and allows their company applications to have vastly more correct and complete business contact records.

This blog, or at least my contributions, will be 10% SBC marketing, 90% me blasting off about things that I see while selling.  Because no matter what your title is, everyone is selling something.