As you may know, ScanBiz Mobile Solutions and DYMO have partnered to provide CardScan users like you with a replacement for At Your Service, which was retired last year. As 2012 comes to a close in a few weeks, we wanted to connect with you and let you know about a few updates to the service and ask for your feedback. Included in this email:

  • Update about the features of the solution: Windows Sync Utility, Contacts Update Service, Map View
  • ScanBizCards HD for the iPad: for those of you with an iPad, do NOT extend your Web Sync subscription…get our new mobile app specifically designed for the iPad and get a free one-year Web Sync extension!

ScanBizCards Web Sync Update


All details of the new ScanBizCards Web Sync solution to move your cards to the cloud can be found at If you have any questions please email us

Syncing CardScan Databases

When we first announced our support for CardScan in February, the only way to upload your CardScan database to our cloud was through a web browser. Since then, we’ve developed a new, more convenient way to keep your CardScan database in sync with your Web Sync account: the CardScanSync utility for Windows. DYMO announced this new program in May, and we’ve continued to update and improve the utility.

  • No more tediously uploading your CardScan database each time you scan in new cards, the utility automatically uploads all the CDB files on your computer (unless you choose to exclude some).
  • The utility will detect the presence of any new or updated cards in your CardScan database and upload the new/changed cards into your Web Sync account.
  • The utility works in both directions, meaning that any new/changed cards on the web will get download into your local CDB files. This gives you the flexibility to edit and create new contacts using the web interface and have them appear in your local CDB file. Better yet, if you use the ScanBizCards mobile app on your iOS, Android, Windows Phone or (soon) Blackberry device, you can easily add new cards by taking a photo and scanning it on your device.

More information on installing the sync utility here.
Important: the sync utility is only available for Windows computers. Unfortunately, Mac users still need to use the web-based upload. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Contacts Update Service

AYS had a feature with which all of your contacts would receive an email asking them to verify and update their own contact information. We added a similar feature a few months ago. To enable it, please click “Contact Updates (Beta)” in the Account tab of the Web Sync interface. Your contacts will receive a request once every 3 months.
Note: when your contacts update their own info, the updated information is not automatically applied to your database. It is placed into a queue for your review and approval. Look for these updates by clicking the same “Contact Updates (Beta)” button.

Map View

This is the Web Sync view through which you can look at your contacts on a map of the world (top left link on the web interface). This feature has been in beta for an extended period of time and we apologize for this. It has now been fixed for addresses in the United States. At the moment, there is a delay that may exceed 24-hours, but we expect the processing time to be reduced to a couple of hours by next week. We are working on a solution for non-US addresses and hope to have it working in the next few weeks.

ScanBizCards Mobile Apps

In case you weren’t aware, we have mobile apps available for your smartphone! ScanBizCards mobile apps let you carry all of your CardScan cards “on the go” – and much more such as adding new cards, connecting on LinkedIn, exporting to Salesforce or SugarCRM, etc.

OR just search in your device’s app store for “scanbizcards”. There are also Lite versions of the app available available for free.

After installing the app, sign in to your Web Sync account and watch as your cards are downloaded to your phone/tablet!