ScanBizCards 2.0 for Android went live on Google Play on Friday, Oct 19. If you haven’t had a chance to update, please do so!

New features:

ScanBizCards 2.0 offers improved scanning accuracy!  In moving from 1.062 to 2.0, you should see a marked increase in the accuracy of the scanning results, especially on cards with complex, colored backgrounds.

CRM users will notice that the export menu has been updated with a new UI.  For CRMs with multiple types (Lead/Contact), simply touch-and-hold your CRM of choice, select the type, then press OK.  We’ll remember your choice, so in the future you can just press OK to keep exporting to the same CRM with the same type.

Apart from these improvements, a whole slew of bugs have been tracked down and fixed:

-Screen rotation error in 4.1.x

-Report a problem now fills in our email address

-Web Sync error causing card images to be skipped

-Rescan fixed

-Fixed/improved name recognition/sorting

-Temporarily removed card actions menu after you scan a card for the first time

Here are a few things you may have missed in 1.062:

-Clipboard scanning should be more stable

-Improved quality of thumbnail images

-Added the ability to specify an account when exporting a Contact into Salesforce

Thanks for reading!

As always, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot us an email.