Hello ScanBizCards Users!

I’ve just uploaded the latest Android version of ScanBizCards to the various appstores from which it is available. For Google Play users, update 1.050 should be live by the end of the day (June 25). Amazon, SlideMe, etc. can take anywhere from a day to a week to approve the app.

1.050 is a large update, with numerous new features and bug fixes:

What’s New

Add Calendar events (Android 4.0+ required)

Unfortunately, the Android OS simply doesn’t play friendly with apps trying to add events to its built-in calendar. Google remedied this in Android 4.0, so this feature is exclusive to ICS users.

Haptic and visual feedback on main screen and WebSync status page

Improved Guided Camera

Due to compatibility issues, this is not the default setting. To try out the new Guided Camera, go into settings from the main screen and un-check “Use Device Camera”. The main changes are a more prominent and responsive camera button, fixing a bug with white-balance, and improved picture quality in some devices. I’d love to hear about any improvements you’d like to see to the picture-taking experience.

Custom text for quick intro emails

This is an oft-requested feature that I think will benefit plenty of users. To setup your quick intro email, go to settings from the main screen and select Owner Info.

Learns default countries based on scanning language

Previously, we operated under the assumption that the majority of our users were from Afghanistan, hence, any new address field used this as the default country. We’ve wizened up a bit, and now detect when a country is scanned in, saving it as the default for the selected language. For example, if I select French as the scanning language and scan a card with a Canadian address, the next time I scan a French card without an address, adding an address field will default to Canada.

Updated UI for tablet users with larger text, buttons, etc.

What’s Fixed

Error causing many WebSync users (especially those with large numbers of cards) from properly downloading all cards

This bug has plagued many users, sorry it has taken so long to track down! I’ve tested this across a wide spectrum of scenarios, but it’s entirely possible that I’ve overlooked something. If you are still encountering any problems, please contact me.

Selecting a new language before scanning will now be displayed properly

New card images will no longer be displayed in the Android Gallery (does not apply to existing card images)

This issue has also been brought up by multiple users. Sadly, there is no way to change whether or not existing card images can be found from within the app. If you are really bothered by this, shoot me an email and I will try to walk you through the process of hiding your existing card images from the Gallery.

Cards that you add to address books that support groups will have the first group checked by default (improves compatibility with Gmail)

Apparently, Gmail Contacts refuses to sync a contact that has not been added to a group. Feel free to un-check the default group (in most cases “My Contacts”) as long as you make sure to check off at least one other group.

Sorting by name/company will now interpret upper and lower case letters equally

WebSync Pause/Resume will now function properly

It didn’t seem like the Pause/Resume buttons actually did anything previously. Hitting pause will now actually halt any batch download/upload, after the current card is finished being processed

I hope you all enjoy the update! Please feel free to contact our support team at info@scanbizcards.com, or email me directly at patrick.mcgrail@scanbizcards.com, with any inquiries or feedback.