Version 3.13 is available since Friday evening for iOS (iPhone/iPad) with several bug fixes, new features – and localization of the user interface to several languages – more below. Please take a moment to glance at it, several new features include options you should be aware of.

Assigning cards to more than one folder

This has been possible for several months on the web, now also in the iPhone app. Note: at this time you can only copy cards to a folder (as opposed to moving) only in list view (e.g. when looking at “All Cards” or a specific folder), it is not possible yet from within a specific card.

Web archiving

CardScan users please take heed … this is a new mechanism to help with accounts with 2,000 cards or more. In that situation the iPhone app now by default only downloads the contact information for a card + the much smaller thumbnail. This not only saves significant space on the device (around 400k), it also means downloading cards to a new device is much faster.
1. In web archiving mode, when you open a card, this triggers a download of the image for that card (because we take it as a hint may want that particular card image). You can disable that behavior through a setting in the app.
2. You can also disable web archiving altogether through a setting in the app.

Fixed iOS5.1 crash taking photos

The recent iOS5.1 update broke the photo taking feature of the app, causing the app to crash when attempting to use the Camera button. This is now fixed in this update, by implementing a new (simpler) camera overlay.

IMPORTANT: with the new overlay the flash is disabled. If you’d like to use the flash please disable our camera overlay altogether, as follows:
1. From the main screen of the app touch Settings
2. Scroll all the way to the bottom, locate the setting before last called “Show Camera Overlay”
3. Turn it OFF

Note: you don’t lose any functionality by disabling our camera overlay, its only purpose is to educate new users how to orient the phone. Experienced users already know to hold the phone sideways (landscape) with the home button on the right side.

Excel CSV export bugs

We fixed two different bugs in the Excel export feature which cause misalignments in the data.
Reminder: you can always opt to export to Excel (or to other target apps) from your Web Sync account on the web.

“Source 0” error saving to the address book
Fixed. This error occurred on some phones with iCloud enabled but where the local address book still appears in settings. We don’t really understand how this came about on some phones but regardless we believe this issue is fixed.


The user interface is now localized to French, Italian and Spanish.
Note: if you – or someone you know – can localize the text of the app to other languages by all means let us know! It’s about 850 lines (but many of them short).