Version 3.08 was posted Monday morning (Lite V3.08 was already posted mid last week). The highlights of this update are:

1. Deeper integration

2. Treatment of clipboard text captures as full (digital) business cards

3. Jigsaw support

4. Web Sync news

5. Not so new app: Contacts2Excel

6. Android update: it’s the first time we include Android users in this monthly mailing. The Android app is subject to a different release cycle so I will just recap recent changes in the last few Android updates.

What’s New

Our Salesforce support is now more comprehensive:

– until now only Enterprise Salesforce accounts could use the Salesforce export. We have now passed the Salesforce security review which enables the use of the app for all Salesforce accounts such as Professional accounts. It also means we are on a (very) short list of mobile app exchange apps

– added batch export to Salesforce : from a view showing a list of cards such as a folder or search results, touch the actions button at the bottom left, then Export To Salesforce

– custom fields: custom fields are now imported into the app and you are prompted to enter values for custom required fields with no defaults (previously this would fail the export). You can also set defaults for any custom field or require to be prompted for certain fields.

Please watch Danny demonstrate the Salesforce features in this video:

And speaking of Salesforce, Patrick is at Dreamforce in San Francisco this week: if you are there too, say hello!

Clipboard Text (email signatures)

Just try it! Copy someone’s contact information to the clipboard, then touch the Copied Text button in the app. As we parse out the information into a new contact, a digital card image is rendered, which means this contact is now kept in the app just like a business card. More importantly: all the app’s features are now available on this “card”. [Not available on Android yet where clipboard text captures are limited to adding the address book]


ScanBizCards now includes a feature to export to Jigsaw! Jigsaw is a service that enables you to get up to date direct contact info for a great many professional contacts in the Jigsaw database (27m contacts). The way it works is that you earn points for contributing a contact which you can then use to retrieve another contact. I personally use the service and love it. Note: Jigsaw accepts contacts only in some countries and the app will tell you when you try to export a contact in a country where Jigsaw doesn’t operate. Note also that currently the app doesn’t allow getting credit for updating contacts already in the Jigsaw database, for this you would have to do it on the Jigsaw web site. To be addressed soon. Sign-up at

IMPORTANT: the Jigsaw feature is in private Beta, to enable please do this:

– touch Settings on the main scree n

– type this into the Configuration field:


By all means do tell us what you think about this feature! [Not available on Android yet]

Web Sync

A lot has been happening on the web side of the app, all of which is of course equally relevant to iPhone and Android users:

– web based OCR: you have the option to crop and OCR cards online. This could be cards you snapped on the phone but also cards captured with a flatbed scanner or another camera.

– option to duplicate a card

– option to attach a back side to a card online

Web Sync is now at a point where you can use it as a standalone application to scan cards without having a mobile device! In coming weeks we will provide more tutorials and add an official “Desktop” section to the web site. One feature we are still working on is the ability to process scanner captures of multiple cards more efficiently by detecting where cards are located in the image.


Not that new actually, it was released in April. This is just a little app to select a subset of your address book in a flexible way, select which property you care about, their order and how you want to call them – then export into an Excel CSV file. Useful to export contacts into other apps such as CRM apps or email marketing, to share contacts with others or simply to make periodicals backups of your address book. Try it here:

Contacts2Excel on App Store

We swear it distracted us from ScanBizCards only for a few days!

Android Update

Web Sync: added to the Android app a few weeks ago, recently fixed some issues & added status messages.

Double-sided cards support: added a few weeks ago (also available online for web sync users).

LinkedIn: long overdue! You can now send a LinkedIn invite to new contacts in one touch.

Salesforce: the current Salesforce support in the Android app is at the level of the iPhone previous version: works only for Enterprise accounts,  no custom fields support  and no batch export . Yuval Kohavi and Steven Lustig on our Android team are hard at work to add these very soon.

Tips of the Month

Tip #1: Crop on Scan
You probably already realized that cropping makes for nicer card images. But with this update cropping can really help with accuracy a lot when you are cropping away a large chunk of the image. This is because when that happens we assume text size is small and so we treat the image differently.

Tip #2: Get closer!
If the first tip applies to you often maybe it means you are not getting close enough to the text! Remember that the relevant text on the card should ideally fill the entire viewport, to get larger text.

Rate this Version

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Spread the Word!

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