Version 3.03 is available since yesterday evening. Previous update was on February 23 so there are many improvements in this update! First and foremost: accuracy. We have updated the core OCR module and improved our image processing, resulting in a marked accuracy improvement (if you notice – tell us!). In addition we fixed several bugs – including one most users of the LinkedIn function encountered. We have also simplified the calendar Follow-Up Reminders feature to add reminders directly to the iPhone address book.

Last but not least: we are continuing to enhance our recently released Android application one update at a time to bring it up to speed with the iPhone application! Next in line is adding Web Sync into the Android app.

What’s New

Improved OCR: we have updated our core OCR to Tesseract 3.01, benefitting from many months of work by Google (and others) into Tesseract 3.01. It really improves a lot of recognition mistakes around many of the letters, we think you will notice.

Improved image processing: V3.02 delivered most of the improvements in that component but V3.03 furthers that work. Note: if you are curious, watch the black & white image during scanning, that is the result of image processing before OCR and oftentimes OCR issues originate from imperfect image processing.

Simplified Calendar Events: previously you needed to establish a subscription to be able to see ScanBizCards events in the iPhone calendar – no more. Events are now simply created directly into the iPhone calendar. If you used the calendar function before V3.03 we recommend that you delete the ScanBizCards subscription from your iPhone calendar. Note: the new method also means that ScanBizCards events will get synced with other calendars if that has been setup, for example with Outlook via iTunes sync. Please refer to for details (2nd bullet).

LinkedIn bug: was causing all LinkedIn invites to fail after a certain point, until the app was restarted. Fixed.

Customization: previously, the text of the Quick Intro email, the text of the LinkedIn invite and your own contact info were all editable only while using the corresponding feature and we saved these edits. We now made it easier by adding specific settings for all these.

Tips of the Month

Tip #1:
Use the back side to jog your memory! You just got handed a card and there is no back side to the card? Use the double-sided feature of ScanBizCards to snap a photo of the person!

  • After scanning the front side, tap the Back button to get back to full-screen view
  • Tap the little white “Add Other Side” button overlaid on the image
  • When done snapping the photo, tap “Save Without Scanning” on top (unless the person has something written on his forehead)!

Tip #2:
Want to include a photo of yourself or your card in the Quick Intro email? Easy:

  • Get the photo into the Camera Roll. Note: if you’d like to use the photo of your card scanned within the app, get it into the Camera Roll by doing Forward Card on it, email to self, open the email, long-touch the attached picture, save
  • From the start screen, touch Settings
  • In the Personalize section of Settings, touch My Contact Info
  • Touch the Add Photo button, select the photo from the Camera Roll


A nice recent comprehensive video review of our iPhone app was posted recently by “Crazy Mike”:

Rate this Version

We calculated that for each 1 minute someone spends writing a user review or rating the app, we invest 130 minute improving the app! So you know what to do :-)! Please tap Help on the start page then “Rate This Version”.

And don’t forget about WebSync!

We continue to get feedback on the different ways in which ScanBizCards users are utilizing the Web Sync Web Application. If you haven’t yet given it a try why not try it today? The first month is free so that you can fully explore all it has to offer, and we would love to hear from everyone on the creative ways you’re using it! We’ll be giving away free Web Sync extensions for the most interesting stories we hear! Send your stories to

Say hello to your cards online, they miss you!
We have a lot of users who are happy to have their cards safely backed up via WebSync but who have not yet logged in on the web to see all the amazing ways in which you can manage your cards from your desktop!  If this applies to you, we invite you to check out the full featured demo today to see what you’re missing or login to your account to see your cards at