Version 3.01 was released to the App Store World-wide last night. The main purpose of this update is another round of improvements to the image processing stage of the scanning process but we also added a number of usability improvements.

What’s New

Improved Image Processing
Image processing produces the black and white image you see halfway through the scanning process. Its correctness in detecting letters and isolating them from the background is crucial to the OCR process. This update helps render blurry text a little better and eliminates more non-text noise. We are continuing to work on this component in the capable hands of our resident image processing PhD Michael Kolomenkin.

New Virtual Folders
At the request of Laura Walton we added a new virtual folder shown before all others entitled “All Cards”. This addresses the inability of browsing through all cards regardless of which folder they belong to. Within that folder we added a new button to each card displaying which folder the card belongs to: touching that button opens the folder in question.

Improved Search Navigation
Until this update when searching cards and opening one, the “Back” button from card view was taking you back to the containing folder instead of the more sensible set of search results. This is now fixed by adding the folders buttons to search results, thus eliminating the need to return from card view to search results.

Bug Fix: Crashes
Version 3.0 introduced several bugs causing crashes with some cards. This is the result of the excellent work done in recent work by our C++ guru Yuval Kohavi to support international languages and Android phones – but which had the side effects of turning dormant yet harmless pre-existing bugs into crashes … all fixed now, we hope.

Bug Fix: Web Sync Auto-Save
The way editing card data on the web works, changes are automatically saved every 2 seconds. Unfortunately, a quick user leaving the edit page too quickly after making edits may lose these edits as reported by some of you! We are addressing this issue this week, possibly later today. Meanwhile we have fixed this situation to not erase the previous content of the text field and instead only discarding the last change.

Say Hello To Your Cards Online!
So Web Sync is diligently backing up each card you scan – but how about paying your cards a visit online! They miss you … go to, log in using the same credentials you used for Web Sync in the app and see what you get. Warning: you might find it addictive and neglect your iPhone to play with your cards online instead! If you don’t use Web Sync yet, say hello to our demo cards instead at

Heads Up : Android Version still in Beta testing
It’s almost ready – want to help us test it? Shoot an email, it’s a very easy installation process.

We need your support reviewing the app – or re-reviewing the current version! These shortcuts take you directly to the appropriate App Store page: