Version 2.77 was just approved on the App Store World-wide.

What’s New?

Address Parsing
Long overdue! Until this release we essentially tagged some items as “address” then just lumped all address items into the “Street Address” field of the iPhone address book. No more: we now support breaking addresses down into street address lines + city + state + zip + country. Next time you scan a card with an address on it, touch the group labeled “address” and you’ll get a rather nifty looking special edit view with these items. Touch the country at the bottom and it gets even niftier, displaying all known World countries along with their national flag. Note: this is our very first attempt at parsing addresses so be ready for many cases where we don’t detect all address components perfectly. We are already working to improve that detection but meanwhile we at least made it easy to correct the mapping.

Adjusting Images
By popular demand, we have added a function to permanently trim images to get rid of extraneous background – previously it was only possible to adjust the image thumbnails you see in list view, not the image itself. You will find that function via a “Crop” button in main card view. Note: adjusting images can’t be undone so make sure to exclude only areas you don’t need to scan!

Auto-Start Scan
V2.75 set Auto-Start Scan to ON by default. We did that because it saves time to directly start scanning after taking a new photo and scan results are usually fine. After further analysis we are changing our mind on that: cropping the image before scanning DOES provide significantly higher accuracy. So this update changes that setting back to OFF. Please feel free to change it back if you’d like.

Self Photo Within Quick Intro Email
As part of your own contact information for the Quick Intro feature you can now include a photo of yourself. Just choose to edit your info the next time you send a Quick Intro email then touch the image field in the top left corner to provide a photo.

New Field: Department
This field exists in the iPhone address book yet was not available within the list of fields in the app – now fixed. We also try to map text item on cards as Department when we can (somewhat unreliably).

Ordering Of Text Results
You may have noticed that text results were sometimes alternating one line of the address then a phone number on the other side of the card, then another address line etc. This is because we followed a strict top-down, left-right ordering which is really not the way anyone wants to process the information in the case of a business card … no more: the ordering now follows a more logical block grouping where lines close on the card are show together.

Bug Fix: Excel Export
Exporting cards with accents like é and special characters like ç was failing – now fixed.

Bug Fix: Address Book Groups
With the advent of iOS4, address book groups are now categorized by source. Unfortunately, this caused trouble for users who had more than one source in their address book. This is now fixed – the address book group list in ScanBizCards now contains all of a user’s groups and indicates which source they are from. Please note, however, that it is not possible to save contacts into groups from all types of sources (for example: LDAP or CardDAV servers).

Web Sync: web-based edits
Previously ScanBizCards would only get updates made on the web when the app was started. This is not good enough with iOS4 where apps are long-lasting so the application now checks for web updates every five minutes.

Deleting Contacts
Previously the only way to delete a contact added by ScanBizCards was through the iPhone contacts application. You can now do it from within ScanBizCards through the “Groups & Merge” button on top of the contact view.

New Web Site!
We are very proud of our new web site courtesy of our “Web Sync” man Jonathan Moldofsky! We hope you like the new look and even though you know all about the product already, check out the series of screenshots for the major features at or the full list at

You can also get access to your Web Sync cards from the site via the Web-Sync tab (as opposed to remembering and bookmarking

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