Version 2.75 was approved on the App Store world-wide 5 hours ago (Note: the Lite version is actually labeled V2.76 although identical to the paid V2.75 – don’t ask why – next version for both will be V2.77).

What’s New?

V2.74 Bug Fix: the previous update introduced a regression causing a crash when turning Auto-Start Scan ON. This setting can now be used again.

Web Sync: we fixed a number of small bugs and added an option to change your Web Sync email or password.

Double-sided cards: long awaited and request by several of you – ScanBizCards now enables to capture both sides of  a business card! Use cases include:

  • Cards with scannable text on both sides. Note: pay attention to possible duplicate information, for example a same name on both sides (please swipe delete one).
  • Cards with a back side in a language we don’t recognize yet (such as Chinese) but that you recognize. Note: in such a case, please scan just one side.
  • Cards with anything on the back side you wish to retain visually: attractive design or just written comments you scribbled.

Double-side cards show in list view (e.g. Recent Cards) with side 1 alternating with side 2 every 2 seconds. We “upgraded” the 2nd card (my card) in the “Sample Cards” folder within the app to be double-sided, take a look (touch “My Cards”, then “Sample Cards”). You can also see how double-sided cards are handled on the web interface at

A  debate is raging within the team between folks who think this feature is super cool and others who think it’s only very cool. What do you think? Here is one idea to help you make the right decision: say you scan a card with no back side but where the person who gave you the card is still standing in front of you. Snap a picture of HIM (or her) as the back side of that card (just don’t scan it, you won’t find any text on people’s faces – usually)!!!

Email signature import: ever received emails from people with an email signature at the bottom? Now you can also capture this information as a new contact:

  • Select these lines within the email, copy (to clipboard)
  • Start ScanBizCards, touch “Import from Clipboard”
  • You get the usual list of items, tagged according to type: review/edit then touch “Add To Address Book” – that’s it!

A tip: most signatures don’t include the person’s email itself. To add it, return to that email, tough the “From” email, select merge with existing contact and add it to the new contact you just created from the signature.

Usability changes:

  • Auto-Scan: we turned Auto-Scan ON by default. This should not affect any of you since it only sets the default for new installations. We set this default because it saves users one touch & time. It skips the cropping stage so users who want to crop should set Auto-Scan back to OFF.
  • Merge: we added a new “Merge” button right next to “Add To Address Book”. When merging a card info into an existing contact, that button saves one step.
  • Adding to the address book: the “Add To Address Book” button now saves to the address book directly without needing the user to confirm with “Done”, again saving one step and avoiding confusion with users who didn’t realize nothing got saved until pressing “Done”. To edit, touch “Edit” on that screen or just the Back button to edit the ScanBizCards items and again save to the address book.

Test your ScanBizCards knowledge!
If you have time to kill, skim through and write down how many of the 27 features you knew about. If you scored a perfect 27/27 you are probably a ScanBizCards team member (get back to fixing bugs)!

Special Mention
Thomas Milo, president of and a pioneer in multi-lingual computing has scanned a record 613 cards, thus – in his own words – “porting 20 years of accumulated business cards into a well-structured, searchable environment in less than two weeks”. He also sent us in excess of 90 problem reports which I hope to finish addressing by the year 2013.  We are very grateful to Thomas for his relentless feedback and additional help understanding specific recent Unicode issues!

Evernote unveiled their “trunk” initiative with a number of apps integrating with them. Our app was picked up by a number of Evernote reviewers such as this one:

S. Henry, salesman and part-time blogger:

And here is a honorable mention in (close) 2nd place:

We forgive the above reviewer for misguidedly placing us only in 2nd position but you can help repair this obviously grave injustice by rating the app! You can do so by touching “Rate This Version” from the app’s help pages. Note that even if you already rated the app, doing so again after an update helps a lot by reaffirming it for the current version.