Version 2.74 – both Lite and Premium – was approved around 3pm EST today. We’ve been eager to see this update go live because it fixes two significant iOS4 bugs affecting both iPhone 4 users as well as previous models upgrading to the new OS4. There is also some exciting stuff: Evernote integration (scan biz cards images in your Evernote account) + Skype integration (dial/SMS contact on iPad/iPod Touch). And finally the Web Sync subscriptions are in order and the free 2-week trial can now be properly extended.

Update: we introduced one problem in V2.74 – the Auto-Start Scan option doesn’t work, please turn it back OFF (the default setting) if you were using that setting. This will be fixed in V2.75.

Features List: before going into the new features of this update: we reached a point where it may be hard to keep track of all the features, so we created a page with the complete list, and plan to keep it up-to-date. We counted 25 features so far, having a list will also enable us to refer to features with incredibly catchy names like “Feature #23” etc. You can find that list here.

New Features

  • iOS4 bug fixes: the new iPhone OS caused two bugs in the app – new card images came up shifted right into the app and scanned incorrectly unless the user knew to shift the image back to the left per the warning we posted on our FAQ page. Some of the features involving sending an email crashed the app after sending the email. Both issues have been resolved in this update. iPhone 4 users: please yell if you find any issues!
  • Evernote Integration: ScanBizCards is now fully integrated with Evernote! Considering the very large installed base of Evernote users, we hope this is exciting news for a lot of people (and certainly for us). This is how it works:
    • Touch “My Cards” and Look for a large Evernote button at the end of the list of folders. Touching that button will enable you to provide your Evernote credentials. You only need to provide these credentials once, we then save them within the app.
    • That same Evernote button is also the conduit through which you then search for photos of business cards in your Evernote account using various search criteria. Import the image you want from the search results, scan it then optionally store the recognized contact info back into the Evernote record.
    • But that’s not all: you can also export any scanned card into Evernote as a new record (i.e. not just those imported from Evernote).
  • Web Sync Updates: the previous update introduced the Web Sync service with a free two weeks trial but the option to extend the service through in-app purchases had yet to be approved by Apple. It is now done, we hope you continue to enjoy the service. Reminders:
    • Registering for Web Sync is through the “Web Sync Settings” button on the main page
    • If you were within the free trial and it expired, use the “Extend Subscription” button
    • You can access your saved cards online from any browser at
    • More details are provided in the Help pages within the app or for a quick demo of the web-based access, try the web side of our demo account at

    We have continued to update the web interface: we now have a much nicer card edit view and we added a “Map This Card” button to the card view to show the address on that card on a Google map.

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