Q: I was using the Lite version then installed the Premium version (instead of upgrading the Lite): how can I transfer the cards I had scanned in the Lite app to the premium installation?
A: Easy! Use the Web Sync service to upload your cards from the Lite version then sync-up with these cards from the Premium version. Here is how:

  • Register for Web Sync within the Lite app (it’s free for one month and renewal is not automatic, no worries) by touching the Web Sync button on the start page
  • Let it upload all cards (watch the Web Sync status message to know when it’s done)
  • To make sure all cards are saved in your Web Sync account you can go to www.scanbizcards.com/websync from your desktop, login using the same email & pwd you provided in on the iPhone, all your cards should be right there
  • Now run the Premium app, touch the “Backup my cards with WebSync” bar, sign-in (NOT register) with the same credentials: all cards will now get downloaded from the web sync account into the Premium app

Q: I am using ScanBizCards follow-up reminders. Can I sync ScanBizCards calendar reminders with Outlook or Google Calendar?

A: Yes, if you’d like to keep To keep Outlook or Google Calendar in sync with ScanBizCards events, please touch Settings on ScanBizcards’ main screen and look for “Reminders Settings” in the “Features” section. Make sure you really need to establish a subscription: for example, if your iPhone calendar is already syncing with Outlook via iTunes you do NOT need a ScanBizCards reminders. Instead, please follow these two steps:

  • Step 1: Add your Google Calendar to your iPhone calendar – see instructions here
  • Step 2: Now that your Google Calendar is one of the targets where you can add calendar events from your iPhone, you also need to make your Google Calendar the default calendar for new events – run the iPhone Settings application -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Calendars -> Default Calendar. Note: in a future update we will add a ScanBizCards setting to chose its target calendar for new events.

Q: I am using Exchange Server and have my iPhone contacts syncing to the Exchange address book but not contacts created by ScanBizCards. Why?
A: you need to set the default for new contacts to be created within the Exchange address book:

  • Run the iPhone Settings app
  • Under “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, select “Contacts”, then “Default Account”
  • Set the default account to “Exchange” (instead of “My iPhone”)

Note: you also have the option to selectively add contacts directly into Outlook or the Mac address book from your desktop, by using the ScanBizCards Web Sync service, which includes a full web-based card management application. Click the Web Sync Settings button on the application start screen to get started!

Q: how do I delete cards from the card folders?
A: deleting a card can be done in several ways:
1. From card view, for example after you take a new photo, scan it, possibly add it to the address book, then touch back to the screen where the card is shown full screen:
– touch the “actions” button (bottom left)
– select “Move to Folder/Delete”
– first option is “Delete”
2. From the folder level view. For example, from the startup screen touch Explore My Cards, then touch All Cards. From that screen, there are two ways:
– To delete a single card, the easiest is just “swipe delete”, i.e. sliding your finger across the card entry. This brings up a red delete button.
– To delete multiple cards, touch Edit on the top right, then select multiple cards, then touch Delete at the bottom

Q: Sometimes at the start of the scanning process ScanBizCards is warning that it failed to detect orientation. What does it mean?
A: ScanBizCards automatically detects orientation to enable you to take photos in any direction. This process occasionally fails – but even in such a case, if you followed the on-screen guidance on how to position the card when taking a picture, ScanBizCards will still orient the card properly. If the scanning process still fails to orient the text upright, please use the rotate button then rescan.

Q: So what’s this new Web Sync service all about?
A: this is a long awaited features requested by several customers. It means never losing a card again. It also provides you with web-based access to your rolodex of cards from any browser and you may find it convenient to edit card info through that web-based interface sometimes. And it also enables you to keep multiple devices running ScanBizCards fully synced! read more about it here. Just touch “Web Backup Settings” on the main screen to get started.
If you are curious what a Web Sync account looks like, check this one (and make sure to click MapIt on the top left!)
Note: www.scanbizcards.com/websync is the web-based interface to your cards, from any browser. Sign-in with the same credentials you used to start the Web Back account on your device.

Q: I just took several photos of business cards and ScanBizCards failed to recognize almost any text! What’s going on?
A: Image quality is extremely important and knowing what to do (or what not to do) when taking a picture can make the difference between perfect results and very poor results! 
We recommend taking a quick look at our Photo Taking Tips – here are the top 3 reasons you might be failing to get good scans:

  1. You have the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 4 or iPad 2: the camera in these devices is not sufficient to take close-up pictures of small text! The Griffin Clarifi case accessory provides a solution for the iPhone 3G
  2. The text is too small: text must be as large as possible, which means aligning the long side of the card with the long side of the iPhone and coming as close as possible to the card.
  3. The image is blurry: even if it’s readable to the human eye, a blurry image is very difficult to scan. Hold steady and make sure the camera has focused on the text (if not, you can help the lens focus by tapping the screen)

Q: when using the Quick Intro feature or export to Excel, the recipient gets the data embedded as text within the email, as opposed to an attachment.
A: this may be because your default email account on the iPhone is Yahoo. Yahoo email has a bug where it converts attachments to plain text. If you have other email account defined on your iPhone, please set the default mail account to another email account.

Q: I upgraded the Lite version using the in-app purchase option, but the icon on my home screen still has the “Lite” caption. Did the upgrade work?
A: Yes, it’s just that an app on the iPhone can’t change its own icon.

Q: Can I scan cards without adding them to the Address Book?
A: We are glad you asked! Of course – scanning a business card or street sign you want to use but not add it to your address book makes perfect sense. After the scan, you will be presented the recognized text items for verification. On that screen, instead of touching “Add To Address Book”, just touch the Back button. The image will be saved in Recent Cards and you can load it at any time to use actionable items on that card by touching them or add a follow-up reminder to the calendar.

Q: I used the rotate button and then nothing got recognized properly!
A: the purpose of that button is only to rotate the image manually after a scan where we failed to automatically rotate the image so that the text is upright. You should be needing to use it only very infrequently.

Q: How do I crop a card image to eliminate background?
A: Since October 14 (V2.78) the image is automatically adjusted if you crop the image before scanning. Note: if you prefer not to adjust the image to the scanning crop area, you may disable the “Crop on Scan” setting. You can also adjust the image later to a crop area different that what was scanned using the “Crop” button.

Q: I made a change to a card previously scanned yet the address book information has not been changed?
A: we don’t automatically update the address book entry linked to a card. To do that, go to View Details, touch Save to Address Book on top right, choose “Merge with existing contact”, select the previous entry. You can also touch the address book icon for that card in the cards view and repeat the edit there.

Q: The Help pages within the app don’t seem to cover the new calendar reminders feature. Where do I find out more information?
A: The calendar feature results from the integration of the CallMeet iPhone app into ScanBizCards [note: you got two apps for the price of one!] and has its own FAQ page.

Q: If I delete a card, does it also delete the related Address Book contact and calendar reminder?
A: No, it only deletes the card image and saved scan results.

Q: Exporting to Excel creates an email with text embedded in the email instead of a CSV attachment.
A: This is a known problem when using Yahoo as the default email account for sending email, please change the default email account on your iPhone (Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars, touch another email account, make it the default). Note: we have also received one unconfirmed report of a problem with Microsoft Exchange Server as the default email account.

Q:  I edited the text of my Quick Intro e-mails from the settings, but when I go to actually send a Quick Intro e-mail, the formatting is different (i.e. newlines are ignored)? 
A: Versions 3.04 and below have a bug whereby the text you save for Quick Intro emails is treated as HTML. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, if you’d like to get newlines into your saved text, just write <br> instead of a plain newline. Also, for you HTML mavens out there, feel free to use your own basic HTML tags (iPhone doesn’t support many) to jazz up your e-mails. For example: Hi Dave<br>It was <b>GREAT</b> meeting you today!

Still need help? Contact us at info@scanbizcards.com