Version 2.60 was approved yesterday (Monday 3/29). As usual, only the premium version is live, the Lite version update is still pending review.

New Features

Search: long awaited … I was myself no longer able to find anything in my 400 cards!

Groups: assigning contacts to address book groups is now enabled. Next we may do away with the “folder” term and just map card folders one-to-one to groups.

3D “cover flow” view: added contact name & company. We have received a fair amount of comments about the 3D view, it is obviously a popular feature so we plan to keep enhancing it.

While you scan, we now show a tip selected at random. Tips include photo taking tips, little known features and new features. This was actually introduced in version 2.55 Lite, now in both Lite & Premium versions. Please share your views about these tips: illuminating or annoying? There is a setting to turn them off and in the next release we’ll introduce a view counter to show each tip only once or twice then never again.
Judd Feuerstein commented that some of the tips may be hard to read before  the scan finishes. What’s remarkable is that when our scanning was much slower, we didn’t display any tips, and then we timed the introduction of tips to coincide precisely with the 35% reduction in scanning time in V2.55. Brilliant!