It’s update time again – well, sort of: V2.41 has been live for the full ScanBizCards since Friday, but the Lite update is awaiting approval (expected on Monday). For those of you using the Lite version, consider this a heads up!

Correction to the V2.3 update post
Dror Guzman, the subway victim of my V2.3 update post, points out that he didn’t almost missed his stop reading the post, he did miss his stop and had to walk back home.

New Features
Much improved LinkedIn integration: previously we were sending a LinkedIn invite to a new contact by copying the email address to the clipboard, then loading the LinkedIn web site and asking you to log in (each time) and past the email address. No more – we have now integrated the LinkedIn API and sending an invite is a breeze . You are asked for your LinkedIn credential only the first time you use the feature. Note: only available in the full version but we enabled one LinkedIn invite in the Lite version so for all the “Liters” out there, give it try!
Improved Aesthetics of card images: we now save as the thumbnail (shown in the cards list view) the area of the card that was scanned, i.e. what really matters without the background behind the card. For cases where you scan one area but wish to view more, we added a new function to the cards list Edit, called “Reset Thumb”.
Added Notes shortcut icon: cards with notes show a yellow post-it icon which also acts as a shortcut to show/edit notes.
Improved Accuracy: as in every update. We received user feedback that they’ve indeed experienced noticeable improvements

Media – ScanBizCards Calendar
Our calendar feature remains relatively undiscovered (a euphemism to say we’ve done a poor job introducing the new feature). It is the result of merging the CallMeet iPhone application into ScanBizCards, courtesy of its author Michael Mumcuoglu. Note to the price conscious customers: you get two apps for the price of one! We feel that if you just accepted a business card, putting aside the occasional instances where the follow up is to just toss a card you accepted only to be polite, chances are *some* follow-up is called for – hence the “Add Follow-up Reminder” feature, which adds a new reminder to the calendar with that contact info conveniently available right within the reminder itself. And you can synchronize ScanBizCards reminders with your iPhone calendar or your desktop calendar. In an effort to explain the benefits of this feature and how it works, we posted a new video – see blog post or directly view on YouTube.

We’ve got a blog!
We feel everyone should spend most of his free time dwelling on the riveting topic of scanning business cards, so as if it wasn’t enough that we added the good people on this email distribution list and created videos to watch, we now also have a blog. One of the nicest things about doing something new is, well, that you are doing new things … this week I created a blog for the first time (following Bill Gates lead who tweeted for the first time a couple of weeks ago). After some initial fumbling (such as typing “” instead of “” and wondering why I get World news instead of the acclaimed blog authoring tool), we now have a blog where you can find this update and all previous updates, under the “Updates” category, as well as a brief description of each video we posted, under the “Videos” category. Besides its brand recognition, I immediately chose WordPress because it looks fantastic on the iPhone – and so I also added a link to it within our help files in the app. It’s a great tool, with lots of flexibility, for example announcing a new blog now, yet having multiple previous posts back-dated appropriately.

Special Request – rating
We would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to share your opinions about the app on the App Store. It’s not entirely trivial … here is how it’s done:
– on your phone, open the App Store application, touch the search button at the bottom (2nd button from the right)
– type “ScanBizCards”, select the version you are using (“ScanBizCards Lite” (free) or “ScanBizCards” (paid)). Apple won’t accept a rating from someone who has not installed the app they are rating.
– on the product page describing the app, scroll down all the way below the screenshots. There is a button with something like “115 Ratings ****”
– you are presented with a screen showing user reviews and on top, a button “Write a Review”
– on the next screen, you can just rate the app by selecting a star (from 1 to 5) or optionally write an actual review, with a title and a body
– When you are done, touch “Send” on the top right

A tidbit about App Store ratings bias: as you may have experienced, rating an app you are uninstalling is very simple – just before removing the app, you are asked to just “tap a star”. In contrast, those who like an app (and will uninstall it only over their dead body) have to do the above … guess who rates an application more, disgruntled users or happy campers?