Sorry for “hitting” you with an email again so soon but Apple approved our latest update Wednesday afternoon quickly, within 48h of submission. I’ll be brief this time: a friend on this mailing list told me he started reading my previous email getting into the subway and almost missed his stop because he was still reading!

New in this update:
– Added options to sort folders: besides sorting by date, you can now sort by contact name or company name. Clicking the sort criteria again reverses he order.
– New “Quick Action” buttons on scanned images let you act on phones/email/URLs by touching icons at a consistent location at the bottom of the image
– Support SMS from scanned cards
– Show action sheet after scanning an image, showing options for what to do next (e.g. connect on LinkedIn, send to friend, add follow-up to calendar) – as opposed to requiring the user to find the action button on the bottom left of the toolbar, which some users didn’t even notice
– Added number badges: if you set follow-up reminders in the calendar, you will noticed on the application’s home screen icon a little red number in the corner, indicating how many active reminders you have that (i.e. not marked “Complete”)

New team member:
Please welcome Michael Kolomenkin ( – Michael is an expert in image processing and computer vision and will be in charge of improving our accuracy.

A customer inadvertently both upgraded the Lite version and purchased the Full version. I sent two promo codes for the Full app, which that customer was delighted to gift to his wife and to his daughter (and he had previously gotten his brother to install the app). Glad to hear ScanBizCards is an app for the entire family (I am still working to get my 5 year old daughter to take any interest in the app)!